Médecine Régénérative

VFP Therapies is a young French pharmaceutical company setup mid-2012 and located in Normandy (France). VFP Therapies did qualify for the French label “Innovative Company” (Jeune Entreprise Innovante) and is currently developping innovative drugs for,the CNS.The specific know-how of VFP Therapies is based on the vectorization of smart » drugs, administered as inactive molecules called bio-precursors, for the treatment of brain diseases especially Alzheimer’s disease. « 

Produits et services

VFP Therapies has devised an innovative therapeutic approach aimed at treating brain diseases by means of highly selective bioprecursor drugs (prodrugs). Prodrugs do not deploy activity before they crossed the blood-brain-barrier, and hence do not induce significant side effects. Besides, one so can target receptor sites in the brain in a more selective way. The required amount of active principle as well as its toxicity can thereby be decreased

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Type de structure : Entreprise
Dirigeant : Francis, MARSAIS
Adresse : 15, rue François Couperin - - 76000 ROUEN
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